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Welcome to the World of hand woven items made with love and care .

Each item that we make have been woven with great care by the women of Mizoram, India on their backstrap loom and some on the fly-shuttle looms. The indigenous craft of weaving practised by the women has been handed down from mother to daughters through generations. It is our endeavor that this craft live on and the beautiful designs carried on for generations to come.

The story of

the unnamed weaver

She rises each morning with thoughts only of how she will care best for her family. Her mind wanders and strays to the time when she would be able to meet her children’s needs and dwells on the smiles and laughter the good food on the table and the better living condition would bring.

Each day she reminds herself that she is that much closer to weaving her dreams – a better and higher education for her children, a place to call their own, perhaps, or maybe to have a little bit more saved for a rainy day!
And she will strive till the day her woven dreams become reality -for she labors with love.


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Best selling products

Easy care runner 74"

Phengphehlep dining table runner

Backstrap loom hand-woven table runner 86″ in 100% acrylic with hand knotted tassles.

100% cotton placemat set of 2

Siniar zeh placemat

Backstrap loom hand-woven placemat set of two 14″x20″ in 100% cotton with hand knotted tassles.

Brown cotton center table runner 32"

Siniar zeh runner

Backstrap loom hand-woven center table runner in 100% cotton with hand knotted tassles.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

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